There is currently no tool/feature in Pure Access able to migrate tenant information from one account to another. This article will provide a best practice, step-by-step guide on how to move tenant data.

This is applicable for moving from one Pure Access Cloud tenant to another as well as from Pure Access Manager to Pure Access Cloud (and vice versa).

1. Moving users from one tenant to another

  1. In the new tenant, re-create your user groups. You can use this as an opportunity to clean up any redundancies and/or create new groups that make sense for your access control needs.
  2. In the original tenant, generate a Users report then save this report as a CSV file. Open this file using Excel.
  3. Download the user import CSV file then open it in Excel.
  4. Copy and paste the relevant data from the users report into the template. Please note that the formatting of the user import file is vital.
    1. You will want to carefully review each step of the user import article to ensure it is done correctly.
    2. Note that once users have been imported, you will not be able to append information to the user profiles using the import feature.
    3. If a subsequent import is attempted that contains the same users, it will create duplicate profiles.
  5. Once the template has been filled out, perform the user import into the new tenant.

2. Re-create access point groups, weekly rules, etc.

  1. Re-create your access point groups.
  2. Re-create your weekly rules.
    1. Note that you will want to move the physical access points into the new tenant after all of the weekly rules have been re-established.
    2. Also remember that you can use this as an opportunity to clean up any redundancies and/or create new rules that make sense for your access control needs.
  3. Re-add any calendar events, holidays, and custom rules.

3. Moving access points

  1. Before proceeding, please be aware that once an access point is deleted from a tenant you will no longer be able to view reports for that device.
    1. If you need to view historical events for auditing purposes, you will want to generate and download the reports now.
  2. Deactivate and then delete an access point from the old tenant.
  3. Add this access point to the new tenant.
    1. It is best practice to migrate access points one at a time.
    2. Once added to the new tenant, update access points and then verify that a credential is operational before proceeding.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of the access points have been moved over.

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