ISONAS + Schlage Device Environment – Customer Pre-‘ENGAGE’ Questionnaire

Commissioning Hardware

All Schlage devices: RC, NDEB, and LEB will be commissioned to an ENGAGE site that is created in the Pure Access Cloud account.
All legacy RC-04 and IP Bridges will be commissioned direct to Pure Access Cloud via the ISONAS configuration tool.


Once you link an Engage site to a Pure Access Cloud account, the only enrollment reader option is the new Schlage RC line. The MT20 series will no longer work.

Credential Migration

This step is necessary because credential data is stored differently in the Schlage RC, NDEB, and LEB than the RC-04. It is the step that caused the most issues because warnings are bypassed…see the best practice. The credential migration converts existing credentials into the proper format that is required by the Schlage RC, NDEB, and LEB.

The existing credentials will not work on the new Schlage RC hardware until migrated. You will need need to know if a different formatted credential is introduced to the system that will require bit mask settings to be pushed out to the legacy ISONAS hardware, to read the new credentials. If so, the new credentials will not work on the legacy hardware until bit mask is updated.

Physical Credential Parity

If it is desired that the stamped ID value on the credential matches the way the ID is enrolled, the following information is vital to understand.

The RC-04 only supports three message formats:

  1. The ISONAS proximity credentials and ISONAS smart credentials by default (no bitmask setting required),
  2. One custom format which requires the bitmask setting to be set.
  3. If the customer is using the HID / ISONAS reader compatible credentials listed in the ISONAS price book, the bit mask setting labeled ISONAS will be selected under the Pure Access Cloud settings/credential tab.

The Schlage RC, NDEB, and LEB supports up to 21 additional message formats, plus the three formats in the ISONAS price book for a total of 24.

The above example is illustrated to advise that a customer cannot simply start buying open market 26-bit credentials and expect the stamped ID value to match the enrolled value on the credential.

Why? Because the 26-bitmask setting would be required to be set, but as noted above, the ISONAS bitmask setting has already been taken. Best practice is to continue to use the HID/ISONAS credentials for credential parity across both legacy RC04 and Schlage hardware.

The 26-bit credential could be enrolled by presentation to a card reader; however, the stamped ID value will not match the enrolled ID value in Pure Access Cloud.

If the customer is using the ISONAS smart card credential, Allegion owns the custom key and the Schlage RCs can be loaded with the ISONAS configuration: CE-5901-0402 to read the secure sector data of the ISONAS smart card. However, since the ISONAS smart card employs the EV2 technology, this chipset has been discontinued by Allegion due to inconsistent read performance issues, especially with battery operated NDEB or LEB locks. Another option is to have customer purchase Allegion EV1 or EV3 credentials with the ISONAS key for better read performance and backward compatibility to the RC-04.

Mobile ID Credential Parity

  • The ISONAS mobile credential only works with the R-1(attached to an IP Bridge) and RC-04.
  • The Schlage mobile credential only works on the Schlage RC, NDEB and LEB.
    • However, both mobile ID apps can reside on the same phone and both mobile IDs can be tied to a cardholder record.
    • User will have to select the proper app based on the RC model at the door to deliver the mobile ID to the reader / controller.


The NDEB and LEB locks do not the support holiday feature as known in ISONAS. All holidays will need to be deleted and set up as events in Pure Access Cloud.

Active Directory

  • Active Directory is supported if you want to import user first and last name or other non-credential data. If credential data is a requirement, Active Directory is not supported at this point.

RC Differences

  • The RC-04 has an 8-wire pigtail and the Schlage RC has a 12- wire pigtail. The adapter cable is still in development and not released. Q4 2024 is the anticipated timeframe.
  • The Schlage RC added a separate AUX input, two AUX outputs, and RS 485 connection but Pure Access Cloud software at present build does not support the AUX outputs or RS 485 connections.

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