The RC-03 PowerNet reader-controller has a set of jumper pins that configure both its input power source and its lock control circuit. The device can be configured for power to be supplied to it through the 12 conductor pigtail (either 12VDC or 24VDC) or through the RJ45 connector (Power Over Ethernet).

If PoE is used, the reader-controller can supply 12VDC through its pigtail which may be used to power the lock or other devices at the door location.

The below image shows the components on the back of the RC-03:

RC-03 Jumper Configurations:

JP 1 Jumpers JP 2 Jumpers
Input Power – 12VDC through Pigtail
1 to 3
Input Power – 24VDC through Pigtail
3 to 5 & 4 to 6
Input Power – PoE through RJ45 connector
Input Power – PoE through RJ45 connector (See Note 1)
1 to 3
Input Power – No effect, place-holder for extra jumper
2 to 4
Lock’s power/signal is externally supplied on the pigtail’s pink wire
Supply internal 12VDC to relay common (See Note 2)
1 to 3
ISONAS External Door Kit being used
3 to 4
Connect GROUND to relay’s common contact
3 to 5

Note 1Special case: The unit is PoE powered AND you want 12v output power supplied on the pigtail’s red conductor.
Note 2Used when powering an external lock device. This option only available if JP 1 is configured for PoE.

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