• Do you have port 55533 open to the internet or at least open to
    • If you are using the on-premise version of Pure Access, is port 55533 open across your enterprise?
  • How is your latency? If the latency to the site is greater than 100ms, you may see minor issues. If greater than 200ms there could be larger communication problems.
    • You can use a site like to get a good idea of your speed and latency.
    • You can also use a simple ping command from your desktop. Note that the ability for your PC to successfully ping a device does not mean the controllers can also communicate with the Pure Access servers.
  • Can you log into the switch? When connecting a network device, it’s always a good idea to make sure either you or an IT staff member has access to the network switches to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Connectivity Issues

  • Ensure that the device is configured properly. If you have a unit that is currently connected and fully operational, you may want to compare the configuration settings of this device with that of the device that is not communicating.
    • Note that the reader mode will need to be set to Client and the remote host name will need to match the correct Pure Access environment (if directing to an IP address this will not be displayed):
  • If you are unable to discover a unit, plug the reader into an unmanaged PoE switch connected to your PC and try again.
    • Alternatively, you can use a PoE injector and a crossover cable to connect the reader directly to a PC.
  • If using DHCP, try to statically set a reader’s IP to an available address instead. Setting the reader to a static IP will let us know if DHCP is preventing the connection.
  • If running Pure Access Cloud, try bypassing the DNS.
    • To do this, you will need to configure the reader(s) using the Cloud server’s IP as the host address (click “Specify Host IP Address” in the configuration tool).
    • You can find the public IP address of our Cloud environment via command prompt by typing nslookup then hitting enter.
    • If the device is able to connect this way, we know there is a DNS issue.
  • If running Pure Access Manager (on-premise), ensure that the Windows Firewall is not blocking the connection. You may want to disable the firewall entirely to test.
  • Pure Access Cloud runs on Cloudflare. If firewall exceptions need to be made, you can find a list of Cloudflare’s IP address ranges here.
  • Run a packet capture application such as Wireshark to determine where/when the data is dropping.

Physical Issues

  • If possible, power-cycle the switch where the affected device(s) are connected.
  • Verify that the CAT cable connected to the device is not faulty. It may be best to try another cable entirely.
  • Verify that the PoE port on the switch is fully operational.
    • If you are able to test the port with a spare reader (or swap this port with the port of a functional reader), that can be useful in narrowing down the root of the issue.
    • For issues related to powering on the device, a PoE tester is useful determining whether or not the port is supplying the proper voltage.

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